Structured cabling & network solutions

EEC provides you with a cutting-edge Structured Cabling Systems designs that ensure your IT services are working professionally, reliably, sustainably, fast, and at high-performance.

EEC’s solutions ensure that your infrastructure is future-ready and will exceed the continuous growth of your business, Improved productivity, reduce costs and increase flexibility.

Design, implementation, and administration of the structured cabling systems are brought to clients by a highly professional and certified team that enables leverage and merging advances in intelligent networking and benefit from the best-of-breed solutions, EEC is giving customers the power of choosing from our alliances and technology partners. EEC professional methodology in designing & implantation are the following:



Site Survey to study the case and works on the existing shop drawing plans.


Design steps to getting the optimal solution for full IP communication solution.


Provide a detailed project plan as projects management professional standard.


Allocate the IP points, cables, uplinks and cabinets.


Supply all the required materials and items to site.


Installation by a certified team.


Termination and splicing with calibrated machines with latest technology.


Testing with calibrated and high-quality machine for fiber and copper.


Provide all the needed documentary work as testing report and as built drawing.

With a properly planned and implemented structured cabling solutions from EEC, you avoid your IT communication the common network problems of increased latency, unnecessary packet retransmission, network congestion, data corruption, and crosstalk. Structured cabling & network solutions include:

Network Infrastructure Strategy Services

Network Infrastructure Optimization Services

Network Infrastructure Deployment Services

Network Infrastructure Assessment Services

Network Infrastructure Integration Services